Mind – Ex Capsule


Mind – Ex Capsule increase nerve growth in your brain



Mind – Ex Capsule helps to Enhance Mind & used as a dietary supplement which is used to boost up the brain by increasing neurotransmit.Strong mind, grasping power and intelligence are required for doing well in each field of life.It really improves memory, focus, and mental energy.


  1. Improve memory
  2. Enhance Mental Clarity
  3. Lift your mood.


Each 500 mg Capsule contains Ext. of

Centela Asiatica 125 mg
Withania Somnifera 100 mg
Convolvulus Pluricaulis 100 mg
Acorus Rhizome 50 mg
Papaver Somnifera 25 mg
Pueraria Tuberosa 25 mg
Celastrus Paniculata Seed 25 mg
Santalum Album 25 mg
Alertis Rhizome Indian 25 mg


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