Coughox-11 Syrup


Coughox-11 Syrup is very useful to treat coughs.



Coughox-11 Syrup is drugs used in those with coughing and related conditions.A cough from a cold or the flu will usually go away on its own.Coughox-11 Syrup is substances claimed to make coughing easier while enhancing the production of mucus and phlegm.


  1. Make you drowsy and help you get to sleep.
  2. Block the action of histamine in the body.


Tulsi 1 gm
Somlata 1 gm
Vasapatra 1 gm
Saunth 400 mg
Piper 400 mg
Kali Mirch 400 mg
Mulethi 400 mg
Anar 400 mg
Nagar Bel Pan 400 mg
Baheda 1 gm
Syrup Base q.s.


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